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Howdy fellow glammers! Welcome to LaMaster Glam! I’m so very happy to announce my blog posts on my newly founded business! In this blog I do aim to help educate you guys on the latest beauty hair & makeup trends 💁‍♀️ So bare with me while I get the grips of doing a new blog! So here’s a few things about me to get us started: I’m a single mom of a beautiful daughter who is nothing less than sassy 🤣 I am born & raised in Texas, East Texas, to be more direct. I moved to the Dallas area in 2015 and I am still in love with it to this day. After completing my cosmetology requirements, and obtaining my license, I then had my daughter, and was able to stay home with her while I found my passion in life. I went into the beauty industry to help women, and men 😉, feel the best about themselves that they could possibly do. It has been so rewarding to say the least! 🥰

Fast forward to 2021, and I’m rekindling my business! I took the plunge and quit my salon job to pursue this industry full time, while having the best support system. I am beyond blessed. But speaking of 2021… Covid, am I right? Lol, but no seriously, I have been fully vaccinated and still wear masks unless you guys are totally comfortable without me wearing one! I want to make sure I keep myself safe, you guys safe, and anybody who may be high risk for either of us! 😷

Finally, the golden goose so to speak! The beauty tip/trend of the week…

Having problems with an oily face? Try prepping your face with your daily skin routine, and then grab a powder brush. Grab some pressed powder, or loose if you prefer that 😋, and D I P that powder sis! Make sure you T A P the excessive powder off of the brush, and apply the powder to your problem areas before applying foundation!

I hope to see you guys next Friday! Keep glammin’ on, folks. And remember, #betheenergyyouwanttoattract ✨

If you need help at all with any booking, just shoot me an email! It’s on the contact page 😉

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Blog

  1. I’ve got to say, MELODY & her team
    literally RESCUED the wedding on
    Saturday! Sadly the makeup and hair
    stylist we had hired since LAST year
    cancelled on us the day of the wedding on
    Saturday. But she showed up within 30
    mins early in the morning with the BEST
    ATTITUDE & ENERGY! She was
    everything we needed & I as the maid of
    honor am forever & ever grateful! My
    sister is on her honeymoon right now but
    we had to leave a review. I will definitely
    be recommending her & KiKi to everyone I
    know! Thank you a million and thank you
    for being you! Keep spreading the love!

    1. I’m so happy that you guys were happy with services! I’m also happy that we were able to get everybody taken care of. Leslie looked absolutely stunning on her day! Feel free to recommend me around! 🙂

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