May 28th, 2021

Happy FriYAY fellow glammers! This past week has been very busy ~ I have been booked solid all week. How did you guys like my advice last week? I hope you guys had a chance to try it out. This week I will be telling you about how to do the perfect cut crease! 🔪

Psssttttt… *whispers in your ear* “The key in an amazing cut crease, is absolutely the brushes you use.” -Melody LaMaster 😎

1️⃣ The first step after priming and prepping your face & lids, is grabbing a tapered blending brush. You don’t want one that will be too big, because you’re going to want to put the darkest color on F I R S T . 2️⃣ Dip that powder, and put it all up in your creases! 3️⃣ You want to grab a color that’s similar, afterwards, but a little lighter so you can blend that out just a smidge. 4️⃣ The next step, is grabbing another brush. For this brush you want a rounded, flat brush or an angled flat brush in order to get that super clean line. I like to use MAC’s paint pot! It’s long lasting, and just all around amazing! It doesn’t budge lol. 5️⃣ Once you’ve got the concealer, or whatever you’re using as your base, exactly where you want it, you want to grab a brush to pat on the glitter/shimmer color of your choice! I absolutely love to use Colourpop’s pressed glitter! ✨

Feel free to leave a comment below about what your favorite colors are! What are some of your favorite brands? How do you like to prime and prep your face/lids? 🦝

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