June 4th, 2021

Hey, hey folks! Welcome back to my weekly blog 📝
In this week’s blog we will be talking about application of foundation. As many of you know, there are tons of ways to apply foundation. With either a brush, your fingers, or my favorite, a beauty blender 💇‍♀️

When applying foundation using a brush, it is super imperative that you have a brush that is similar to a kabuki brush. The type of brush that you use for foundation, will drastically affect the outcome. For instance, if you’re using a brush that feels soft to the touch, then it is more likely you will be getting a more soft, blended foundation. Be sure that you are cleaning your brush in between uses, too! It will also effect the application of the foundation. A clean brush is always best whenever you’re using it to paint on a clean canvas (your face). 😘

Using your fingers to apply foundation is my least favorite application technique. I have tried this multiple times, and whether I’m doing my own makeup, or a client’s, I have found out that I end up wasting product! 🚫 Whenever you use your fingers to apply, you are transferring not only all of the germs that your fingers carry, but all of the unwanted oils as well. Even if you wash your wands, and sanitize like crazy, it just isn’t a safe procedure. More foundation soaks into the fingertips rather than in the skin on your face. 😲

Whether I’m doing a client’s makeup, or my own, I absolutely L O V E using the beauty blender method! I cannot express how important this is, but whatever you do, DO NOT WET YOUR BEAUTY BLENDER!! All it does is soak up your foundation, and it also dilutes the foundation! 😲 It is a commonly used practice, but I have figured out that it just doesn’t help prolong your makeup! I use a dry beauty blender on myself, and every single client. And for sanitary reasons, please, do N O T use the same beauty blender for the same person! There are places you can buy them online for super cheap, or at a local store if you need some in a pinch! This is such a safety hazard, that I seriously cannot stress this enough!

I hope to see you guys all next Friday for the next blog post! Keep it real, y’all. And remember, be the energy you want to attract ✨

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