July 17th, 2021

Hey, hey, hey fellow glammers! Thanks for showing up today on this beautiful Saturday ✨

I know I’ve been MIA lately, but the past two months have been SO busy! Networking with other artists, photographers, and anybody I can find. It is absolute K E Y 🔑 to running your business!

So this week we are going to be covering… C O N T R A C T S ! ✍🏻

Contracts are very important to running your business. They protect not only yourself, but the clients as well! 😱

So what information should be included in your contract? We are going to go over a few major points of your contract that are must haves! 😃

  1. Cancellations ❌
  2. Payment 💲
  3. Social Media 📷
  4. Liability 🤕
  5. Travel Fee & Additional Charges ✈

❌ So, in regards to cancellations… it is the first thing my contracts goes over. You definitely need to put the cancellation policy in your contract, because you never know who could waste time on your schedule. I do not offer refunds on deposits with cancellations. You went through all of the work of booking this client, creating a contract, collecting the deposit, doing a consultation, etc. For instance, my contract requires a $150 deposit upon completion of booking. While this is a large number, it is also a number that goes towards the total sum of the payment. The last thing you need for your policy, is a written form by email stating of cancellations. You need this for your records in case there are any disputes, ever.

📷 Social media can be something that can be tricky. You always want to advertise your artwork, keeping your best work out to you. You need a clause in your contract stating that the client agrees to you releasing any photos you take of them. You put hard work into your art, and probably passion behind it too!

🤕 Liability is so so so SO important whenever it comes to a contract. Try not to be intimidated by telling people you require a contract and deposit. I used to think that people would find an artist that was more ‘easy going’ and would find that I was being difficult. THIS IS FALSE! If somebody has an issue with signing a contract & paying a retainer, then more than likely they will find somebody in their price range! A contract protects not only yourself, but the client as well.

✈ Travel fees are essential. Whether you’re travelling for a trial, or for the big wedding day, you need to be ready to charge travel fees to cover tolls and travel TIME. Not a lot of people think about time being something included in a travel fee, but as makeup artists, we are taking time from potential clients in a more local region. Therefore, I believe a travel fee outside of my 10 mile radius, is very essential. Especially if you’re a travelling artist. I state in my clause that if there is any required valet, or parking fees, that the client must cover these essential costs.

I hope that you guys have enjoyed a little bit about what my contract states, and what other things that have been helpful in having my business succeed! If you guys have any questions, or comments, feel free to comment down below or send me a dm! Much love, guys <3

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