July 31st, 2021

Howdy fellow glammers! Welcome back to my blog on this gorgeous day. How have you all been?

Things have been so crazy the last part of July, I saved yet another wedding! 💒 While raising a three, almost four, year old can be extremely exhausting!

One thing that really captivated me during this last minute wedding, was the amount of eyeliner I used on the waterline! Not only just black, but blue and white as well, which is an up & coming trend thanks to TikTok! So, today we will be going over when to use and not use eyeliner on the waterline. 😁

The type of eyeliner you’re using is almost just as important as where you place the pigment. A water-based eyeliner, will not stay on a water line; liquid waterproof eyeliner may be harmful and move to much on the waterline, causing burning in the eyeball. 😲 the most effective eyeliner I have found, is for all types of events! It is a pomade pigment, which is also waterproof, but it only goes where Y O U put it.

What is this amazing product, you may ask? Why it is the Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner! The company has T O N S of shades, and this is also a perfect product for floating eyeliner, as well! 😍

Some people do have issues with the gel liner drying out, but not to worry! Inglot does make a product called Duraline, which not only helps make the liner more pigmented, but it also hydrates the liner for a more smooth application! 🤩 The best part about Duraline, is that it is not exclusive to Inglot products, you can use this with any sort of powder, also. Another thing I love about Duraline, is that no matter what product you mix it with, it will be a waterproof product after you’ve mixed it! How amazing is that?! 😍

Along with the Duraline, the Inglot AMC Gel Liner is an absolute must-have for your personal, or professional, kit! Feel free to comment with your must-have products! 😍

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  1. Absolutely loved the services I received from Melody. She was super hygenic and was nothing but professional! I would recommend her to everybody and for every event! So talented.

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